York was the centre of focus for skydiving with the national championships held here over Easter.

The event was officially opened by York Shire president, Cr Matthew Reid, on April 15. It took place at Skydive the Beach and Beyond (formerly Skydive Express) drop zone north on Spencers Brook Road and ran from April 16 to 21.

Twenty eight teams from all skydiving disciplines including formation skydiving, vertical formation skydiving and canopy formation .There were also nine classic accuracy participants, 10 sport accuracy competitors and 25 in canopy piloting at both open and intermediate levels.

Participants were competing for national champion titles and a place in the Australian parachute team to attend the world championships in the Czech Republic later this year.

Parachute Federation CEO, Brad Turner, said  the 2014 championships were unique. It was the first time in 30 years they had been held in WA and the first time all disciplines of skydiving had been held at the one time in the same place. Holding all the disciplines over six days made it a huge event that showcased the best of skydiving, he said.

The  Federation said on its website that the event was a great success with skydivers able to watch and cheer each other during jumps. The response of the crowd proved that this was the way to move the national championships forward. It showcased the best skydivers in one place and would benefit the sport into the future, it said. 

RIGHT: Scenes from the national skydive championships held at York over Easter.