The National Broadband Network is a step closer with work on the roll out underway in York.

Work on a fixed wireless system started at the end of last year. Wireless towers are being built on land just south of the town and on high ground on the south side of the York-Spencers Brook Road north west of the town.

Shire CEO, Ray Hooper said he understood that a start had been made on the laying of optic fibre cabling in parts of the town in preparation for connections to the network. Optic fibre connections would be available to businesses. Connections would be made as work progressed. The project was due to be completed by March next year, he said.

On its website NBN Co says that most homes and businesses will receive an upgraded fixed line connection but due to distance, fixed wireless technology will be used to connect some hard-to-reach places.

LEFT: The new NBN wireless tower on land just south of York townsite.