York and District Community Bank has announced grants and sponsorship in its July to December distribution.

Chairman of York and Districts Community Financial Services Ltd, Lindsay McNeill, said the money being made available to community groups amounted to more than $18,000 with total commitment for the full year in excess of $50,000. Applications for July to December were for more than $30,000 but unfortunately the company had to turn down some requests and was only able to part fund others, he said.

Among the groups to receive grants in the current distribution were the York and Beverley Agricultural Societies for show costs, St Patrick's Church for restoration of stained glass windows, the Wheatbelt Women's Health Hub for improvements to their meeting room and the WA Wildflower Society - York Branch for signage in the bushland garden at the corner of Grey and Ford Streets. Other groups to benefit included the York Society Art and Craft Awards, York YouthCARE Council to help fund the school chaplaincy as well as the York Senior's Day celebration, Mr McNeill said.

"We would have liked to do more but the availability of funds would not allow it. "The budget for the 2014-2015 financial year was very tight due to a generally cautious approach to borrowing and limited growth in overall business. "The trend for people to pay off debt and reduce borrowing was predicted to continue. "A number of older loans were also being paid out, increasing the effort needed to maintain and grow income. "Despite cutting back, some external costs continue to increase," he said.

"If everyone transferred at least part of their banking business to the Community Bank it would have an immediate impact on the amount of money we have to return to the community," Mr McNeill said.

ABOVE: York Agricultural Society received funds to help with the cost of running the 2014 show. BELOW: The York Society received funds for this year's Art and Craft Awards.