A recently formed group known as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has become an international champion raising funds for worthy charities.

The group describes itself as being a bunch of dapper chaps, classic bikes and laughter. The 2013 motorcycle ride took place on September 29 in over 110 cities worldwide including Perth. It says that it is as much for family and friends as the rider. The group encourages everyone to gather at meeting places to talk and have a laugh.

The ride grew from 2,500 people in 2012 to more than 6000 last year and raised more than $277,000 for prostate cancer research and awareness. The money was raised through the sale of patches, stickers and other activities. Perth with 73 riders was third after Sydney with 240 taking part. So far Sydney has raised $78,500 and Perth $19,850.

The inaugural event in 2012 was held in 64 cities and featured in local newspapers, motorcycle magazines, blogs and on national news. Last year the group decided to give the event extra purpose. Awareness of men’s health and funding for charities was added to its reason for existing. Money raised will be divided among charities that focus on prostate cancer research and preventive procedures.

Organizers emphasised that the ride is about quality not quantity and restrict entries to classic bikes, retro, café racers, bobbers, flat trackers and custom motorcycles. "We limit the ride to these bikes to ensure the event stays small and true to its roots," the group said.

York was represented in the inaugural ride in Perth in 2012 by local enthusiast, Mark Lloyd.

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Lindsay McNeill

ABOVE: Riders and supporters after the 2013 ride in Perth.