The Shire of York is implementing energy saving strategies in the interests of the environment and to reduce costs.

It has used a $132,000 federal government grant to replace the obsolete air conditioning system, insulate the roof space and install energy efficient LED lighting in the administrative office.

Shire CEO, Ray Hooper, said the Council would  also consider installing photo voltaic cells with a capacity of 30KW to help run the shire office and hall, he said.

In addition, solar hot water systems had been installed on 10 Shire owned houses and two had been fitted with photo voltaic cells. The recreation centre was next in line for an upgrade to solar when funding became available. The erection of solar and wind turbine powered lighting was also being investigated for streets and parks, he said.

Funds for backup generators was to be applied for to supply electricity to the Shire office, hall and recreation centre in an emergency such as the one caused by the storm on January 29, 2011, Mr Hooper said.

Lindsay McNeill

ABOVE:  Brad Jones (left) and Tim Hunt from CDA installing the new energy efficient air conditioning system in the York Shire office.