York is well represented in the finals of the state heritage awards with the winners to be announced at a ceremony at His Majesty's Theatre on April 3.

York finalists are the old York Primary School,  York Post Office, Residency Museum,  Shire of York and  museum volunteer, Samantha Good.

The old York primary school is a finalist for the Gerry Gauntlett Award for excellence in adaptive reuse. The nomination acknowledges creation of the York Wellness Centre and its unique contribution to York and surrounding areas. The project transformed disused classrooms in the historically significant building into modern consulting suites for health professionals. The nomination said that the building had been carefully and skilfully conserved and transformed by mostly local  building workers and craftsmen.

York Post Office is a finalist in the category for outstanding conservation of a non-residential place. Its nomination recognises the conservation and restoration which returned the building to its original condition and will help protect it into the future. Many buildings in York needed maintenance and the restoration of the post office set a good example, the nomination said.

The Residency Museum is a finalist in the category for outstanding contribution to heritage by a community based organisation. The museum has underpinned the area’s heritage since 1972 and continues to have benefits for York, both economic and social. The nomination said that having facilities like the museum helped create a vibrant community that attracted business and created opportunities for employment and tourism. It also inspired people to discover their abilities and passions.

The Shire of York is a finalist in the category for Outstanding Heritage Practices by a Local Government. It recognizes the Shire's integrated approach to heritage locally, in the Avon Valley and in the Wheatbelt. The nomination said that its focus on heritage could be seen through the integration of strategies and initiatives to conserve and protect York’s history.

As a finalist in the category for outstanding voluntary contribution by an individual, Samantha was nominated in recognition of her contribution through her use of a unique blend of skills. She has provided exceptional curatorial and design services to the museum over an extended period. Using her excellent interpersonal skills she has provided leadership and training for other volunteers and contributed to raising awareness of the museum and what it has to offer.

Lindsay McNeill

ABOVE: Restoration of the York Post Office recognized in nominations for heritage awards.