The signing of a formal agreement between C Y O'Connor Institute and Charles Sturt University has laid the foundation for Muresk Institute to again be the centre of excellence in agribusiness education in WA

On September 24 Chair of the C Y O’Connor Institute Governing Council, Eileen O’Connell and Institute Managing Director, John Scott, counter-signed a formal agreement with Charles Sturt University, signed earlier by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Andrew Vance. 

Enrolments are now being taken for the Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management degree to be delivered in a partnership between C Y O’Connor Institute and CSU with lectures set to resume in late February 2014.

The three year bachelor degree course will be delivered under the leadership of Dr Christine Storer, who previously led the team that delivered the agribusiness degree offered at Muresk by Curtin University.

The CEO of the Wheatbelt Development Commission and Chair of the Wheatbelt Workforce Development Alliance, Wendy Newman, supported by the CEO of the Avon Community Development Foundation and Alliance member, Paul Tomlinson, congratulated the C Y O’Connor Institute governing council for striving to re-establish the degree course at Muresk for the benefit of the agricultural sector in WA.  “The central wheatbelt is the state’s largest producer of export grain and a skilled, well educated workforce is essential to the future of the industry," Ms Newman said.

Mr Scott reiterated that the agricultural business management degree program would not replicate the animal and crop based courses already offered at universities in WA.  "It will have strong links to the farm at Muresk Institute as well as exemplary commercial farms and agribusiness enterprises.

"We aim to restore the 'Muresk experience' where students live and study on the campus and develop an affinity for living and working in rural areas. "From talking to graduates it is clear that they are proud of their association with the Institute and the life-long network of friends they formed while at Muresk. "We are working hard to attract and enrol students. "Since April we have registered more than 70 expressions of interest on our database with 28 of these considered likely to enrol next year," Mr Scott said.

"I am encouraged by the formal support for the degree program from industry. "The four major trading banks have been particularly supportive with additional support from several industrial enterprises and associations including the Farm Machinery and Industry Association "I expect this support to grow, including the provision of industry-funded study scholarships, once the course is up and running," he said.

Prospective students can gain more information about the degree at or from the Marketing Manager, Daisy Bulloch, on 0427 440 371.

ABOVE: Chair of the C Y O’Connor Institute governing council, Eileen O’Connell and managing director, John Scott, signing the agreement with Charles Sturt University with (L-R) Wheatbelt Development Commission CEO, Wendy Newman,  Avon Community Development Fund CEO, Paul Tomlinson, Director of the Higher Education Project, Dr Christine Storer and member of Agribusiness Industry Advisory Committee, John Henchy.