Two locals who took part in this year's Bright Blue motorbike ride across Australia have returned safely with some interesting stories to tell.

On September 7, Graeme Fisher with son, Ashley and son-in-law, Deputy Police Commissioner, Steve Brown,  joined other riders from WA taking part in the 2013 6,000 kilometre, 'Wall to Wall' motorcycle ride from Perth to the police memorial in Canberra. The ride was to raise money for cancer research at the oncology ward at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Ashley said the group set out in the worst riding weather imaginable. They had their first stop in Tammin where people compared the success or otherwise of their 'water-proof' riding gear. "We had our first accident just past Tammin when one rider aquaplaned on the road and fell and another who slowed to help also fell ending their ride," he said.

The first night was at Norseman followed by a long ride to Border Village. "A highlight was seeing the legendary Nullarbor nymph courtesy of the local boys in blue. "It turns out she plays the part in Shane Crawford’s ride across Australia."In addition she sings and plays a mean guitar," Ashley said. Rumour has it that he got up on stage and sang with her that evening.

In Wudinna they were welcomed as in the past four rides, making it a popular stop with the group and the locals alike. On day four, the riders crossed the Murray River on a car ferry and negotiated peak hour traffic in Adelaide before reaching  Murray Bridge for an overnight stop.

Day five brought much excitement as the riders headed into the Grampian Mountains and a more challenging road. "The road is one of the best motorcycle roads in Australia but one that claims riders who push too hard. "It lived up to expectation but there were no dramas in our group," Ashley said.

The next day was also a good ride with the group heading along the Great Ocean Road. "The scenery was great but there was no time to look at it. "We called into the usual spots with time for a photo. "It was raining again so everyone had to keep their wits about them. "One rider fell but without major damage or injury," he said.

The final day was  a short ride into Canberra. More than1400 riders joined forces in a parade to remember police officers who died in the line of duty. "It was great to be a part of such a large group. "Mission accomplished, the bikes were sent back to Perth on a truck and the riders flew home," Ashley said.

Ashley and Graeme are still raising funds and are planning events for that purpose  between now and Christmas. Donations are tax deductible and can be made at  where donors can print a tax receipt.

ABOVE: During a stop on the Great Ocean Road at the twelve apostles in Victoria (L-R) Ashley and Graeme Fisher with Deputy Police Commissioner, Steve Brown.