A diesel electric locomotive has been vested to the Shire of Dowerin for the Wheatbelt Heritage Rail project. 

Spokesperson, Roy Scott, said the project was gathering momentum with plans
to have the first trains running before next year's Dowerin Field Days and that they would visit York when tours were up and running. 

"Chris Le Marshall from Linqage International is working on getting the accreditation papers ready for submission in November. "Parts for the steam locomotive S549 have been ordered to finish work needed to have it in steam again next year," he said.

"Supporters of the York heritage rail project will need to meet to form a group
so an application can be submitted for funds to build a shed and to transport rail cars from Boyanup to York.  "In addition a small diesel electric locomotive will be brought here," Mr Scott said.

"I plan to hold a meeting at the York Recreation Centre on November 13 to move the project forward.  "I will be making a presentation to the Shire Council to ask it to apply for a lease of the land needed for the shed."Brookfield Rail is helping with the project by training volunteers, carrying out track work and donating sleepers," he said.

ABOVE1: Diesel locomotives similar to the one vested in the Shire of Dowerin for the Wheatbelt Heritage Rail project.