The proposal to amalgamate the Shires of Cunderdin, Quairading, Tammin and York is about to progress to the next stage.

The Local Government Advisory Board has announced  that it plans to conduct a formal inquiry into the proposal in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act. The Board is an independent body undertaking an analysis of the proposal.

Shire of York CEO, Ray Hooper, said the Board was expected to advertise details of the inquiry in the coming week. "It is currently developing a timeline which will include dates for meetings with the Shires involved, public hearings and for submissions from interested parties," he said.

When the inquiry is finished, the Board will submit a report to the Minister for Local Government who has the authority to either accept or reject its recommendation, Mr Hooper said.

"If the report is in favour of amalgamation, the electors of each individual Shire involved have the right to request a poll on the matter before the Minister accepts the recommendation. "If a poll is requested by one or more of the affected Shires and a poll returns a majority vote against amalgamation, it will not proceed," he said.

Full details of the timeframes, terms of reference, submission processes and other matters will be advertised in the Shires to ensure that electors have every opportunity for input. "Recent public meetings at Tammin and Quairading reinforced continuation of the process," Mr Hooper said.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available. Details of the Business and Service Delivery Plans underpinning the proposal are available on the website: or at the Shire Office.

Lindsay McNeill


ABOVE: The Shire of York will keep electors fully informed about the inquiry into amalgamation to ensure they have every opportunity for input.