A junior tennis player from York has won the D’Arcy Slater Cup at the state tennis tournament in the south west and a place in the WA Foundation Cup Interstate Challenge team.  

Christopher Lawrance from York won the Cup in a hard fought match against Michael Frayne from the South West zone in the three day event in the first week of November and will compete in Melbourne in January.  

Christopher was among 21 junior boys and girls representing the Central Districts who travelled to Bunbury and Busselton to compete in individual and team events including the boys D’Arcy Slater Cup and the Women in Tennis Foundation Cup for girls. Teams representing zones as far away as Geraldton and Albany took part.

Among other players to enjoy success were Xavier Stone (Quairading) who made it to the quarter finals of the consolation tournament. Mason Sullivan (Cunderdin), Jedd Reynolds (Meckering) and Will Rogers (Quairading) made it to the quarter finals of the classic tournament.

For the first time in many years the zone sent two girls teams to the Foundation Cup. The number one  team consisted of Brittany Norrish (Northam), Jessica and Kirsten Jenzen (Cunderdin) and Georgina Fisher (Beverley). Team two included  Isabella Stokes (Cunderdin), Zara Sewell (Dowerin), Kara Johnston and Claire Rogers (Quairading) and Grace Fisher (Beverley). Team one finished 7th and  team two team 9th out of the 10 teams taking part. The girls benefited from the competition and improved as the tournament progressed.

In strong individual performances, Jessica Jenzen made it to the third round of the Foundation Cup singles event, Brittany Norrish progressed to the semi finals of the consolation tournament and Isabella Stokes to the semi finals of the classic tournament.

Three boys teams competed in the tournament for boys aged 13 and under. The teams included Christopher Lawrance and Regan Jones (York), Lachlan McLean and Declan Mellick (Beverley) and Jedd Quartermaine (Dowerin).  Other players were Sam Rogers, Mason and Jedd Sullivan (Cunderdin) , Jedd Reynolds (Meckering) and Xavier Stone, Will Rogers and Lachlan Gelmi (Quairading). The number one team came third out of 17 teams, the number two team 10th and the number three team 17th.The players all enjoyed taking part and gained a lot from the competition.

Parents of team members thanked the team co-ordinator, Jane Rogers, the parents who travelled with the children and coach, Mark Leuba, for his high level of coaching.

TOP: (Back): Will Rogers, Sam Rogers, Xavier Stone, Jedd Reynolds, Mason Sullivan, Christopher Lawrance, Mark Leuba. (Front): Declan Mellick, Lochie Gelmi, Jedd Sullivan, Lachie McLean, Regan Jones and Jedd Quartermaine

BELOW: (Back): Georgina Fisher,  Jessica Jenzen, Mark Leuba, Brittany Norrish, Kirsten Jenzen. (Front): Kara Johnston, Claire Rogers and Zara Sewell. BOTTOM:Boys No.1 team (L-R): Xavier Stone, Christopher Lawrance, Sam Rogers and Jedd Quartermaine.