Young people in York have again had the opportunity to express their creativity through involvement in a public art project.

Eight students from York District High School met Urban Artist, Darren Hutchens and former Shire youth officer, Lyn Kay, at the Youth Centre on Saturday, March 16 to discuss ideas and designs. Darren then sketched them on a wall at the York swimming pool for the participants to practise on.

The young people were shown how to use the equipment used in street art and spent the afternoon spraying the colours on to create a wonderful, colourful and fun piece of artwork now permanently on display.

The following day the group met at Candice Bateman Memorial Park where Darren had sketched another design on the hit-up wall. The scene depicted the park as a fun place to visit and things they loved about living in a country town. 

Former Hawthorn AFL player Chance Bateman and his mother Carol attended a barbecue lunch with about 45 children.  Chance then kicked a footy, shot some baskets, mentored and entertained the young people with other sporting equipment Lyn had brought along.

 At the same time, Darren and those involved in the art project continued on with their artwork. The piece shows among other things, a hawk sitting on a football representing Chance watching over his sister, Candice, and everyone else who uses the park. The York Police called in several times to have something to eat, admire the artwork and chat with the children.

The Shire of York received funds for the art project from CAN WA -“Sharing Stories”, Healthway and Relationships Australia.

ABOVE:  Artwork on the hit-up wall at Candice Bateman Memorial Park.

WEB PAGE : The young artists honed their skills creating this image on a wall at the swimming pool.