In keeping with their philosophy of working for the good of the local community, the York Volunteer Workers Inc were out in force to help shift the York Archives into a brand new home at the Sandalwood Yards in Ford Street.

Established by the York Society, the York Archives has grown from one box of documents and old photos in 1986 to a substantial, highly regarded collection of historic records of York's history from foundation to the present day.

The VW's moved a number of ute and trailer loads of records in boxes from temporary accommodation in the nunnery  at the old York Convent to the purpose built archive building at the Sandalwood Yards on Saturday March 16.

York Society president, Bill Roy, thanked the volunteers for making light work of the shift. "Your contribution is now part of York's history," he told them.

Archivist, Julie Rae, said it was fantastic that valuable records now had a permanent home and people would have much better access to them as a result.

A spokesperson for the VW's, Duncan Young, said the group grew out of the former York Apex club. Membership was down to eight or nine and the remaining members felt the club wasn't able to contribute to the local community in the way it should.

Ultimately in 2010, a decision was made to form a new, vibrant group to raise funds and do voluntary work for the benefit of the local community. Membership had grown to about 20 and the new group was hoping to be in a position to identify and contribute to a major project in the community in the near future. "Our main focus is on facilities for children and young people," he said.

Since formation the VW's had helped with the big clean up after the January 2011 storm, cooked breakfasts at the Australia Day celebrations using their barbecue trailer, organized welcome functions for new teachers at YDHS and contributed to Leeuwin scholarships for local youth among other smaller projects.

Anyone interested in joining VW's should contact Paul Jenkinson on 9641 4063.

Lindsay McNeill

ABOVE:  York Society archivist, Julie Rae, with some of the York Volunteer Workers with some of the boxes they moved into the new archive building (L-R) Steve Vincent, Jeremy Marwick, Craig Scott, Scott Boyle, Paul Jenkinson,  Graeme Allen, Tony Ashford and Duncan Young.