There were good attendances at the many events held during this year's inaugural York Easter Fair.

Central to the attractions was the exhibition and sale of antiques and collectables in the town hall which ran from Saturday to Monday with the best attendance in years.
Other events included the York Photographic Awards exhibition which ran in parallel at the Sandalwood Yards.

There were also craft and produce markets in the Masonic hall, a two day swap meet in Peace Park and a display of veteran and vintage motor vehicles in the centre of town on the Sunday. Businesses providing food, drink and other points of interest along the main street also did a brisk trade throughout the weekend.

Co-ordinator of the fair, Chris Baker,

said the Saturday attendance in the town hall was a record for the many years he'd been involved. "Numbers usually taper off in the afternoon but there was a continuous flow of people throughout the day this year. "The crowd was boosted by excellent community support. "More locals passed through the doors than I've seen for a good while," he said.

"There had also been excellent support from collectors with18 stalls showing and selling everything from china, glassware, cameras and household bric-a-brac to quality antique furniture. "There was a great atmosphere with visitors taking their time and using the occasion to catch up with friends," Chris said.

"Ruth and I would like to thank the Shire of York for their tremendous support, the stallholders for their faith in York and Alan Genoni for his expertise in making our first foray into TV advertising such a success. "Finally, many thanks to the people of York for their support," he said.

Lindsay McNeill

TOP: Central to the attractions at this year's York Easter Fair was the exhibition of antiques and collectables in the town hall. It attracted a strong flow of visitors throughout the weekend.

BELOW:  There was good support from locals at this year's fair. Among them was Barry Smith with his stall of antiques and collectables.