Former Farm Weekly journalist, Paul Hooper, has joined the West Coast Wools team working in York and surrounding districts.

Paul acknowledged his new position would be challenging with wool production and sheep numbers at their lowest since the 1930’s.

“Coupled with the current financial crisis, woolgrowers are faced with declining wool prices, the anti-mulesing lobby, increased input costs, limited breeding stock and the attractiveness of cropping.” But he still had faith in wool which had got rural Australia to where it was today. “Sheep and Merino wool still have an important role to play in agriculture,” he said.

 “One of the main reasons I took this job is that I firmly believe growers in the area I will be covering, still see the benefits of sheep in their farming enterprise,” Paul said.

The focus on a greener and cleaner world society was a major factor that should become a selling point for wool around the world. “If our national wool representatives focus on promoting the benefits of wool as a natural, renewable, clean fibre I think we could be looking at an exciting future. “I don’t think they’ve concentrated on that enough in recent years, he said.”

His main focus would be on visiting woolgrowers around the district throughout the year. “Woolgrowers need to know they’ve got some backing and aren’t out there alone,” Paul said.

“West Coast Wools are a team that’s based in WA. “The directors and senior management get out to the farms and get their hands dirty instead of hiding somewhere in an eastern states office. “It’s about supporting woolgrowers and doing the best you can to make wool a profitable business for them”.

“I’ve also got great support and expertise coming from Gary Bond who is already based in York and from the team in Perth. “I’m looking forward to getting back into the wool industry, working in this area with people that aren’t going to give up without a fight and for a WA company that will always remain here,” he said.

West Coast Wools offers a full range of testing, forward selling and marketing options and are happy to discuss other ways to sell wool.  Anyone interested in selling or getting appraisals for any wool types from oddments to main clips can contact Paul on 0428 880 344.


ABOVE: Paul Hooper at work in the West Coast Wools saleroom in Perth.