York Visitors Centre has in place several initiatives to boost tourism in the town.

Manager, Tanya Richardson, said in her January update that the current economic climate was having an impact and an advertisement would be placed in the Sunday Times in an effort to counteract it.

The idea was for members to pool their resources to take advantage of an advertising opportunity that would be unaffordable for individual businesses.

The visitors centre has also set up a ‘click to win’ competition to encourage potential visitors to its website and promote what York has to offer. “I believe that once they are on our website and see all we have to offer they will be more inclined to come here.” York has lots of accommodation and is close to Perth, “and there are no sharks!”Tanya said.

Planning is underway for the 24th Antique and Collectors Fair which has been extended to three days from April 11 to 13 due to public demand, she said.

The visitors centre has received notification from the Shire of a number of initiatives to promote events in the town and improve conditions for visitors. These include banner poles in Henrietta Street, relocation of nibs in Avon Terrace to support alfresco dining, widening and upgrading of footpaths, resurfacing of the roadway and improved access to shops for the disabled.

Meanwhile Tanya has joined the board of Avon Tourism. She is the first representative from York on the board in recent times. The function of the group is to promote the area at trade shows and Tanya’s presence will ensure York is included in the mix.

Avon Tourism has a close association with Experience Perth which wants the group to represent the Avon region and have input into overseas promotions, Tanya said.

Lindsay McNeill


ABOVE: Scene from the Antique & Collectors Fair 2008