The CBH grain receival zone that takes in York and surrounding areas has fallen short of its predicted production by about 240,000 tonnes this harvest.

With around 2.46 million tonnes in the bins, the Kwinana West zone did not reach its estimate of 2.7 million tonnes due to poor finishing rains and frost in some areas.

Spokesperson for CBH, Amber Anderson, said all receival sites in the zone closed late last month with Brookton and Narrakine closing on January 21 and Avon on January 23.

“Despite not reaching its harvest estimate, the Kwinana West zone has had a reasonable finish to the season,” Ms Anderson said.

In the Kwinana East zone total receivals were around 3.01million tonnes, slightly below the estimate of 3.2 million tonnes. The shortfall was largely due to a frost in September.

“The Geraldton zone finished the season on a high after surpassing its all time record of 2.583million tonnes with receivals of about 2.585million tonnes all up. “This was close to five times the amount of grain received in the zone last season because of drought,” she said.

Deliveries were continuing in the Albany and Esperance zones. The Esperance zone had surpassed its harvest estimate of 1.52 million tonnes with more than 1.59 million tonnes received and between 30,000 and 50,000 tonnes still to come in.

As the last zone to finish, Albany zone had received around 2.36 million tonnes, which was around 82% of the zone’s estimate for the season. There was very little crop left on paddocks with remaining deliveries coming in from on-farm storage or after being dried and graded. Because of this, deliveries were likely to trickle in and wind up later this month, Ms Anderson said.

Meanwhile work is progressing again on the massive extension to the grain terminal in York. Much of the steel for the roof structure is in place ready for sheeting to start. Work was put on hold during harvest due to availability of materials and to avoid a clash between construction vehicles and trucks delivering grain.

Lindsay McNeill

Work progressing on the extension to the CBH grain terminal at York.