A workshop with sessions a week apart in York last month attracted over 60 teachers, parents and other education professionals wanting to learn more about problems related to literacy development in children.

The workshop was organized by the York District High School P and C and conducted at the Mill Gallery by child psychologist, Gemma Boyle, from the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation in Perth.

Spokesperson for the organizing committee, Kelli Lamond, said there had been a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. Participants praised the presentation and the package of resource material provided.

Ive learnt a lot for my own benefit and for my children, one person said. It is wonderful to get to know the processes involved in learning to read, said another.

Others commended the presenter for the valuable information she provided and that the workshop had been held where country people could more easily attend, Kelli said.

People travelled from Bolgart, Bakers Hill, Beverley, Cadoux, Dowerin, Northam, Narembeen and Quairading to attend.

Assistance with funding for the workshop was provided by the York Community Bank, Avon Waste and WA Farmers.

Lindsay McNeill

ABOVE: Participants at the literacy workshop in York.