Local vocal duo, One Voice, featuring Vince and Tracey Creaser are forging a career with their appealing harmonies and songs. The couple recently performed at a special ‘Bush Opera’ night at the Imperial Inn. The event was a sell-out with over 100 tickets sold.

Songs performed on the night included, Music of the Night, from Phantom of the Opera; Somewhere, Westside Story and I Don’t Know How to Love Him from Jesus Christ Superstar. The programme included numerous costume changes in keeping with the songs.

It was their appearance at a number of Legends Nights that attracted attention to the talented combination and how seriously they took their music. Besides the Bush Opera night, the duo has been kept busy around town singing at weddings and private functions.

Vince who is well known as manager of Home Hardware said he and Tracey had invested in quality equipment and lighting to enhance their presentation and cater for indoor or outdoor venues.

They have released two CDs in the last few months and have categories of performance in order of preference - opera, pop, contemporary and karaoke.

Both Vince and Tracey attribute their musical origins to singing modern gospel songs in church some 20 years ago.

Vince said he felt a need to experiment beyond the constraints of the gospel music and discover what he could achieve with his voice. This he did and both he and his wife were discovering new frontiers to cross with their singing.

Their many hours of practice are now starting to reap rewards and deservedly so.

Leigh Carmichael

One Voice, Vince and Tracey Creaser, who performed at the popular ‘Bush Opera’ night at the Imperial Inn last month.