The Quairading community nature reserve hosted a visit from members of the Ecological Society of Australia on November 28.

The 43 visitors were among ecologists from all over Australia in Perth for their annual conference. Part of the conference was a field trip and most of the conference participants chose to have a trip to the wheatbelt. It was a warmish day during which the flies chose to practice take-offs and landings on any exposed skin!

 The trip was organized by Helena Mills from the WWF office in Northam who, along with Mike Griffiths also from Northam, has done much work in our reserve with flora surveys and interpretative signage.

Following the walk there were many positive comments about the variety of vegetation and the way the walk trails were set up.

Quairading was very lucky to have gained such high exposure and will see the benefits of this when the visitors go back to their respective states and talk about the highlights of their trip to the conference in WA.

Following the walk, the group had lunch in the ambulance hall, catered for by Café Cino.

Rowlie Mellor



Top: Friend of the nature reserve, Rowlie Mellor, welcomes the visitors to Quairading.

Below: Members of the Ecological Society of Australia visit the Quairading nature reserve.