In one of the biggest land rehabilitation projects in the York Shire, Talbot Brook Land Management Association Inc has almost finished a two-year project to fence an area and plant 60,000 tree seedlings and other vegetation at 13 Mile Creek just west of York.

The work being carried out this year is the second stage of the project started last year on Terry and Robyn Davies¡¯ property a few kilometres from York on the York-Chidlow Road.

When finished the project will involve about 30 hectares of land, 5.4 kilometres of fencing, the planting of 60,000 trees and other native plants and cost about $50,000.

President of the TBLMA, Colin Cable, said the project aimed to stabilize the creek bed and banks, increase biodiversity and create a sustainable, functioning landscape.

Revegetation would improve water quality in the immediate area and downstream. Thirteen Mile Creek started between Talbot Road and the highway, passed under Helena Road and eventually ended up in the Avon River, he said.

Last year Terry and Robyn Davies received a Good River Manager award from the WA Department of Water for their commitment to land rehabilitation on their farm.

The current project was spurred on by the success of an earlier project by the Association in 2003 where the trees were now more than three metres tall.

On behalf of the TBLMA, Colin thanked the local volunteers, York Scout Group, Men of the Trees, Department of Water and members of the Association who had helped with the project. ¡°Volunteers are essential,¡± he said.

The Avon River Tributaries Fencing Project and Riparian Revegetation Project are Avon Catchment Council projects delivered by the Department of Water with funding from the WA and Australian Governments through the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality and the National Heritage Trust. Lotterywest also provided funds for fencing.

Lindsay McNeill

Fencing of the rehabilitation area under way at 13 Mile Creek; volunteers planting trees on Terry and Robyn Davies¡¯ property west of York; trees thriving on an area planted last year.