How High¡¯s The Water Mama?.....Five Feet High and Rising¡­.!

So goes the Johnny Cash classic song about a river breaking its banks and a family considering evacuation.

Last Thursday an official flood warning was given in respect to the Avon River bursting its banks in York. The Avon was rising at the rate of about 45mm an hour and at 10am the river¡¯s level was sitting at 12.43 metres. Official flood warning is 12.20 metres.

Local business proprietor Mike York of Yorkie's Coffee Carriage which is located down in the flood plain in central York made the decision to relocate the refurbished railway carriage to higher ground. The carriage can be moved via a railway line from its permanent mooring to higher ground towed by a tractor.

This is not the first time this evacuation procedure has been exercised by the popular outdoor dining facility.  January 2000 was the most recent flooding after widespread summer thunderstorms resulted in water draining into the Avon from outlying areas east of York with the river reaching a level of 13.11 metres which is its highest recorded reading.

This final injection of heavy water was just the tonic needed for the world¡¯s best whitewater event ¨C The Avon Descent which kicked off two days later from Northam.

Story by Leigh Carmichael