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It’s been ten years since the inaugural Bulgin Bush Races were run and they’ve gone on to become a highlight in the calendar for the Wheatbelt region.

This year the weather cooled to allow horses an easier run. The races continued throughout the afternoon but none were so eagerly watched as the tussle for the Caulfield Cup, which was on display behind the bar.

As the fashion show was absent this year, ‘Loose Bruce’ gave his own interpretation. He taught the expectant crowd a lesson in shearing while wearing a tight, revealing little blue dress, possibly from the new spring collection.

During the afternoon, the Cunderdin Football Club entered a team in the tractor pull just to warm up and pulled up a win. It was a bittersweet victory as the loss of fitness in the off season showed up in the time it took to recover from the short burst of exercise.

As the sun dipped behind the horizon, the traditional bonfire was lit to warm the growing crowd. Old friends got reacquainted as the band set up for the show.

A new inclusion to the event was Dan James, aka ‘The Horse Whisperer’. His talent at communicating with his horses was proven by performing some unorthodox moves with and without a saddle and bridle.

Young Reece Jasper stole the show when he put himself flat on one magnificent beast. He did this while the horse lay calmly on its side and Dan cracked the whip overhead. The trick was to respect the whip and not be afraid of it.

‘Slim Jim and the Fats’ finished off the night playing the popular covers of yesteryear for the now lively and uninhibited audience.

The long night finished for some as the sun came up over the horizon. Others were woken by the sounds of tyres churning up the paddock with some early morning circle work.

For those that came, thanks for the memories. See you all next year.



Photographs (from top right):

  • The fashion conscious ‘Loose Bruce’ gives a lesson in shearing.
  • Runners fight it out in one of the Bulgin races.
  • Cunderdin Football Club tugs for a win in the tractor pull.
  • The horse whisperer calms his horse while his young helper, Reece Jasper, looks on.